(Variant Series) Revival: My Thoughts

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Fantasy novelists and readers unite! Do I have a fantastic book for you. It is called Revival (Variant Series book #1) and it about a young girl (junior in HS) who's life gets a bit complicated after her emotions (and unsuspecting powers) cause her to fry an entire computer lab. The life she had turned upside by this one act caused by watching her boyfriend KISS another girl in front of her (who wouldn't have an angry and sad moment?). All her life Alexandra Parker was normal (as normal as one can be; good grades, good boyfriend, great friends) and it was perfect, well almost perfect (having your parents die in a car accident when you are little and forced to move towns and go live with your free-spirited aunt makes it impossible to have a perfect life). Enemies, a stalker, a best friend caught in the mix, and new friends create a very wild ride in the life of one Alexandra Parker. Follow her journey as she learns to navigate her newly minted life, the truth of who she is and what really happened to her family (and others). I guarentee you'll root for Alex and friends (and her possible love life), and curse the enemies that makes you want to join forces to help stop the enemies all along wishing the book never had to end. Although the book is wrapped up rather nicely, there is still a bit of a cliffhanger (to lead into the next book, I am sure).

Love. Supernatural powers. Drama. Girl Empowerment. = AWESOME

A MUST READ FOR ANY fantasy, ya adult, love story with a twist FAN.

**Another great tidbit? I read this book in a 2 day span and is perfect on a kindle for a quick read on vacation (or during the trip to get there). There is also wonderful paperback versions (I prefer to feel the book, but kindles are amazingly versatile!)

I am also one of those individuals that really picture the characters and create my own fantasy cast (I am sure I am not the only one!): 

How did I do? Read the book and let me know what YOU thought! 

Leaving you with one more thought (because I am a fantasy/supernatural junkie): If you awoke with super powers, what would you want them to be?

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