(Fairville Woods Series) Into the Ashes & Through the Eyes


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Book #1: Besides being a fantasy junkie, I also love "olden times" based books. What I truly love about From the Ashes is that both characters were born in another time (early 1900's), yet it takes place much later than that. Olden times with a modern day twist! It also consists of romance, supernatural, and curses. From the moment you start reading you want to see what happens to Lundy, a beautiful young girl that is possibly dying. This is not just her story, but the captivating Harlan's as well. You root for them every step of the way in hopes of a happy ending. Simone Snaith does not disappoint with her twists and turns, and beautifully written words. Without giving too much away, the story guides you on a special journey the two take together not just for love, but for Lundy. Soul mates if it ever existed would be these two, and it is shown from the first moment they meet. It is not just a love story though, it is about overcoming destiny and making it up as one goes along. Just wait until you get to the ending, and the great thing is you do not have to wait for the second in the series!

First off: Congratulations to author, Simone Snaith for finishing and getting the sequel out. 

Book #2: Through the Eyes is the thrilling sequel to From the Ashes and it is filled with all the greatness of the first, but continued further. Simone Snaith has really taken the time to nurture the series and remain true to the first book. Although the curse has changed, which changes one of the characters slightly (enough to tell even from the beginning), it does not differ from the hopes one might have for Lundy and Harlan to get their happy ending. If anything, it makes you convinced they will, but with all the twists within you get the elusive feeling it may not end as well as you thought. I also loved how new characters are added, which makes it a bit more realistic, and lends to the new content fairly well. The ending wrap up of the book was fantastic, and although I wished for a few things to be different; it was a great ending. 

Vampires. Ghosts. Curses. True Love. = A recipe for greatness. 
*Another wonderful read that you do not want to put down and you definitely do not want to end. It will suck you in and possibly keep you an insomniac due to not wanting to put the book down and dreaming of a love like there's. 



Harlan has not changed (although he'd need a wig) for my pick for the actor, but for the actress I'm torn between the two of these.

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