Coastal Co (SUB BOX)

So I just started subbing to certain boxes to see what the fuss was about. If you can afford it, the items, most of the time seem pretty decent. The only thing I will say is unless you find a good group to trade with or sell (totally up to you, I personally don't like that option, but I get it if you do) sometimes for the price you pay (sub box prices vary, usually you can save if you pay annually (yearly) but some just do not have that option available) the items you receive may not hit the mark.

For this specific box, it is $100 (+ shipping - so the cost goes up depending on how they ship it to you). Mine was $104 total, so not that bad with 3-4 day business days to receive the box once it ships out to you. Mine shipped 6/20 and I received it 6/29, but here is the grey area for me because if you think about that time, I got my notice on a Wednesday (6/20), so I thought Monday (6/25) (giving wiggle room because Saturday may not count and 4 days...), but it's when it actually ships out not when you receive your notice. I know, silly me. I was just anxious for the box. It did not actually ship out until Monday (6/25) for me receiving my box Friday (6/29), so while it was still 5 days, it felt WAY longer.

So with all of my long rant on shipping and price you may think why? Well, they are a BRAND NEW company, well the "sister" company is, the "original" SURF SHOP BOX is geared towards men. So I assumed there were going to be kinks and such. Just an FYI: will take you to a sub part of their sub box for men so you'll see if you try to sign up. It was a bit confusing, but once you sign up you'll see the difference.

CUSTOMIZATION!! This was a unique and different experience for me. You start by filling out a profile based on you (or if I gift I'm assuming them):

Face: you choose fair, medium, dark.
Shape: Oval, Heart, Round, Square, Triangle.
Top size: XS-XL
Bra Size: A-DD
Waist Size: XS-XL
Ring Size: 5-8
Shoe Size:  5-11

Was also told that they are working on bigger sizes for those ladies that are interested in that. Which good for them!


Okay FINALLY on to the box!

These were my goodies. It came with 8 products, was told it ranges from 7-8 items.

Pineapple Drink Holder from SunnyLife - This is a cute holder for the pool, I have not opened it yet, but I like it, it's just a fun item.
Paradise Now T-shirt from Tavik - this shirt ran big, but it is so soft and comfy. It could be a great night shirt.
Clutch (pink and white) from Aloha - This was not my favorite item at all, but mostly for the color. Easy to take to the beach though and the material seems like the sand would not stick to it or water (but have not tested).
Chapstick by Salt & Stone - I am a chapstick junkie. I love to try different brands and I have a basket full of chapsticks that range from colored ones to plain. And yes it gets used and dwindles. I actually prefer colored chapstick to lipstick on a night out.
Blue leaf bracelet from Pura Vida - I adore PV bracelets, they are not only waterproof and simple bracelets, they help women in Costa Rica keep jobs. WIN WIN WIN!
Brown and Blue edged towel from SlowTide - The towel seems a bit rough to me, but it's not a horrible towel at all. Decent size, and I really like the colors together.
Trucker hat from Roxy - I was kinda of hoping for no hat or maybe a fun beach hat, but that is only because I personally do not feel hats look good on me. I like the color immensely and the adjustable nature of the hat though.
Sunglasses from DIFF brand - This was the biggest no from me. Maybe I chose the wrong face shape or maybe I'm just not keen on these, but for whatever reason these were no for me completely, immediately after trying them on.


Here is the good thing with this box: you can contact them to swap items! They will be sending me options to change out my sunglasses for a new pair and if a size does not fit for whatever reason you can return it for a different size. How cool!

On the website they explain it all by going HERE you can read it and what items they'll exchange etc.

                                                      (The box is cute)

If you want to try the box I have a code for $20 off and I receive $20 too: CODE