Years in the Making…Changes…

I love how much writing I've been doing and though some parts are a bit shaky, I'm okay with that, for now. I've also come up with trying to decide whether to make my novel an actual novel or splitting up into a novella. Both are great, but ultimately its up to dipping my feet in the proverbial waters and being comfortable to diving head first all the way, or slowly walking in. If the water is cold: jumping in is the best option. Sure there is a lot of uncertainty, but sometimes that leap is all you need to soar and swim the fastest and best that you can to make sure you do not sink. If you do happen to sink, you stay calm and do your best to make it to out alive; even leaning on others for comfort/help. If the waters are warm: walking in can be just as amazing, because you feel safer and better and can really pace yourself to swim and succeed. You might still need just as much help, but you are doing it slowly and you are setting the pace. Either way: you're getting in the water, and that means WAY MORE than how you get there.


Off of my metaphors….I have decided that my novel will now be a novella instead. At least that is what I'm thinking I want. I love the idea of a quicker read and breaking it up, rather than having one extra long novel that may or may not turn into two (depending on the response I get). I guess the novella could go the same way and not turn into another, but I want to give these characters the "baby" treatment and give them an extra fighting chance. 


Now some have asked me: What is a novella? What's the difference between the two?

Novel: There is no SET length (past 80 pages), but it usually ranges from 60,000 and up, and usually more up then at 60,000. 

Novella: Is usually 20,000 to 55,000 words (roughly 50 to 110 pages).

At least that's how I've seen it within my research of other authors and through searches. 


I'm excited for this novel/novella to actually see fruition. There are a few versions of this story started where I tweaked a few things (place, people, powers) HAHA! But now I have finally settled between 2 versions I like. Although many have routed for me and have read almost each (sans newest version) begged me to finish; I always put on the back burner. I finally got around to the outline and I realized if the main idea has never changed, then this story deserves to be told. Who holds on to an idea for a story for 5 years without seeing it through? Maybe a lot. Who decided to do something about? This girl.

Although I am still working on a few other projects (to be named later, as one is a secret project for/with a friend that may or may not see fruition despite both our time), short stories, and poems. As well as one more project (trying to get it off the ground first); I am devoted to this novel/novella.

I hope it's a success, but to me success would be if 5 non-family/friend read it and decide they like it. I'm hoping that's true, and I hope to find time to possibly make this into a fantastic series. I have slated out ideas for at least 1 novel and 2 more novellas if all goes right. Who know? At least I'm willing to try. Right? Right?

*Looks into abyss*