AKA Jessica Jones Review

So I just finished binge watching all episodes, yes all (over the course of 3 days and breaks in-between, but still). I really enjoyed it, and I really enjoyed all the actors I saw within the show as well. Rachel Taylor is amazing at playing the best friend Trish, I especially loved the nod to the comics by her holding up the superhero costume. Krysten Ritter is of course, as always, phenomenal; her portrayal of Jessica was very believable as a snarky, drunk, that deep down wants to help people. David Tennent is another amazing actor, this time showing his chops as the villain, Killgrave (Purple man). Even if he’ll always have a place in my heart as the good doctor. 
Another reason it was so good? Besides the little nods to the comic, it was all its own, and although it showed; it showed in the best way. I wanted it to continue, although, was hoping for a bit of change (please bear with me): I wanted Killgrave to be good, well, end up good. David Tennent truly did a fabulous job portraying a villain that one would hate; he tortured Jessica and countless others, but his back story makes you (well me) that he can be redeemed. Even if villains don’t get happy endings. I still think it would have been interesting to see Jessica help in. After everything that he had done, to show that people can change. I also truly believe he wanted love, Jessica’s love. I think Jessica was looking for redemption, but also love. 
Could she get that love from Luke? Perhaps, yes. There were obstacles, but nothing they could not overcome, and he obviously cared for her. Jessica had more than she realized she had in the way of friends and people who cared; she just does not think she deserves it. 
Maybe I just watch to much OUAT and think everybody deserves a second chance, albeit with a watchful eye. Killgrave would have way too much to atone for, if it went that way. 
What do you think?
P.S. Little Jessica actress you were fantastic!