Variant Series Book #3: Review 

Jena Leigh has done it again with her third book in the Variant Series aptly titled Redux. If you love sci-fi/fantasy then this book has it all. Powers (check), time travel (check), strong characters (check), villains (yep). Your emotions will fluctuate and you'll enjoy the ride the book weaves. 

The story takes place in the past, but keeps roughly the same characters in play as the first two books (haven't read them? check book #1 and #2 out), but with a twist: only two are from the future. Alex is desperate to change the past and make a better future for her friends and family. Declan is determined to not let Alex do it alone. The problem? The jump did not go as planned. So while trying to fix the past, Alex is desperate to find Declan too. Throughout the book there are difficult choices to be made, new friends to be had, and revelations that will throw you in a scramble hoping that all survivor this new/past adventure. Will everything change or will it be as it was supposed to be all along?

You’ll feel it all. The hope, the struggle, the possibility of loss; but ultimately you’ll see fate at its finest in this tale of the past the will most likely lead to book number four. And you will hope for a redux and that the book does not end.

I hope you enjoy my old and slightly new version (second) to the newest book.