Music & Writing

Why does music and writing seem to pair perfectly together? Every author seems to have their own soundtrack to each book, and I am constantly eager to hear the picks they choose. Almost like a full on movie (I cannot be the only one that while reading a good book starts to envision characters) being brought up. Yet, sometimes delving in to the music of your favorite books choices seems very raw and really personal to reach in and ask. Music is an expression, an extension; and one of the greatest assets of all time. As with writing, it as been around for centuries.

Am I the only one who wonders if centuries ago they hummed or tried to remember the music that they fixated on to write from? I'm not mentioning lyricists, songwriters…although in thought, them too. Everybody takes pieces from their lives, research, friends, family, but ultimately from music that was created.Of course their had to be original music that was not taking from music and I am sure books were not always created with music in mind.

Simple times away from electronics, wear moleskin and a quill sufficed, and I rickety grand piano was the muse. Which way is better? Both (then and now) have created masterpieces in their own right.

I guess it just boils down to entertainment now matter how you truly think about it. Maybe neither way is better.

So my real question is: Do you write with music? Or are you a moleskin and quill kind of writer?