Poem: From the Archives

I have been musing over the idea of putting up stories, poems, lyrics; that I have been put on the back burner and slowly put into old archives to be pulled back up to be re-worked, or just looked at. I am a self-described pack rat of pictures and old written works. It's who I am. The perfectionist in me tends to almost always find something wrong with one of my works and I deem it unfit and send it away. Only two of my works have truly been published (a short story and a poem) and that was only because a family member found them and submitted them to a publisher to be published oh so long ago. My passion for writing remains as consistent as it was, (and possibly burning brighter), from my former, younger self. I have learned and grown, and ultimately (I'd least I'd like to think so) grown as a writer. I prefer pen and paper (I'm faster too) then my computer, but needless to say it is much easier to archive on said computer. Ah technology. 


 When the light hits the sky
And the darkness draws near
Remember to fly high
And be a good little dear
Bombs are exploding
Life is unfair
Moms are holding
On with care
If you feel so lost
Unsure where to turn
At any cost
Keep on to yearn
From the past to the present
Love finds a way
Keep following the scent
Of loves true way


Short: yes. This was written for a class actually in middle school (groans) and I remember not being utterly thrilled with it, but I did it and received a high mark with a note on how I should be a writer and she would love to see more. It sparked something more in me and resounded with family and friends telling me I should "write more" and "you should be a writer". It's hard work, rewarding work. My hats off to all you writers. Keep it up. 

Was thinking of adding on to it all these years later. What do you think? Back burner it or add to it?