The Indigo Stone

Simone Snaith, as I have stated before is an amazing writing (check out her books). So when I heard about her next installment I knew I had to read it. It did not disappoint in the least.

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The Indigo Stone is about a young girl named Eine who is orphaned and alone for most of her seventeen years living on the streets in a city where it almost never stops raining. She has never ventured far from her little home under a cart that was filled with garbage (picking it knowing others would not try to take it), unless to steal food from shops around town. She was not extravagant in her thieving only taking what she needed, which was heartbreaking in itself. All that changed when she met a boy that she named "Noname" for he would not tell her his actual name - although some called him "Ney". From then on she was whisked away from her life and into another learning all she could from her companions (Ney traveled with a friend Anda). She was smart and knew things (memories) from her past, but that still did not stop her from being confused about the outside world often. A quick study, and a heart of gold made her two companions treat her fairly. They both cared for her very much, although it took some convincing to let her go with them out of her original city. There journey through the pages is a great big fun puzzle that you have to figure out with every twist and turn that comes the "heroes" way.

If you like paranormal fantasy's then I think you'll like this one. Filled with powers, relate-able characters, and a beautiful world detailed well by the author. You root for the good guys, and if you are like me, you'll enjoy watching Eine become the person she is suppose to with room to grow.

My first choice was Robin Williams for Anda (R.I.P.), and I know Noname is suppose to be 20 with no scruff on his face, but that is easily fixed.

OUAT (Once Upon a Time)

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Grimm mixed with Disney? Yes please. This show has become my greatest obsession since it aired (along with a few other lovely shows). There are so many reasons I am drawn to this show (the costumes; both fantasy land and “real world”, the wit, the drama, the fantasy…), but to me it is a really inspiring show on so many levels. I also truly love how it's not just a Grimm/Disney hybrid; it is it's own show that uses it's own spin on the stories we have known via either outlet (or both).

It makes you have characters you love, ones you hate and then by a switch you are loving the ones you hated. That is good writing!!

The quotes! How many great quotes are there? A TON.

I do not know about you, but once OUAT comes back my writing seems to sky rocket. I love love when inspiration bamboozles you and kicks your butt into high gear even if the content is not the same as your own.

So thank you OUAT for continuing to bring out the little girl in me, the writer in me, and to have an hour to lose myself in the fantasy of your world.

I cannot wait to see what next season holds!! Ah summer breaks seem so long. Maybe it'll be re-watch via Netflix. And than more writing for me.

Who's your favorite characters?


Scott Andrew Moffatt has made a name for himself. 

As one-fourth of the band The Moffatts he has seen fame and success, with hits such as Miss You Like Crazy and Bang Bang Boom. When the band decided to call it quits for personal reasons his dream of music did not. Scott went on to form the band The Boston Post and releasing an EP with them as well. They saw some minor success, but eventually decided to end the band for unknown reasons. Afterwards, Scott decided to rejoin with two of his brother's forming The Moffats (making sure never to use their real spelling unless it was all of them) for a brief time. Eventually he moved along becoming a solo act as well as a producer for numerous bands that have seen success in their own way. Scott has proven, and continues to prove, time and time again; even receiving numerous accolades as a producer, songwriter, and musician. A triple threat. He does everything with a passion and it shows.

Continuing now on his second solo album; he is looking towards the future, and using the resources of media to help him in his mission to do what he loves; music. Let his music speak for itself. Listen here.

Personally I feel his album is worth it; a mix of pop, country, and folk with a vibe all its own. It steps you into a world all his own. Scott Moffatt’s (S.A.M.) voice has a uniqueness all its own as well: raspy, deep, and yet melodically sweet like a mockingbird. With heart and soul he sings, and you feel each note, each lyric because of it. It can lift you up, make you dance, or just envelope you like a warm blanket on a bad day. It's life, with a bit of sass all rolled into one; and it's glorious.

So…if you want to help him: donate to his indiegogo page where Scott shows not only his gratefulness, but his intelligence for the craft he loves so much. That on its own makes it worth it. But, if that is not enough; as always with these platforms, there are reward incentives artists give to help make it extra worth it. Even if you can spare $1; every little helps to get this wonderful music out.

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