(Variant Series) Resistance: My Review

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The Variant Series book #2 is here! After a long wait to see what happens to Alex and the gang, it is here. How exciting for readers and the author alike! Jena Leigh CONGRATULATIONS on book #2. I was beyond excited to read this (so you know book 1 was great!) and it did not disappoint. 

Alex is still on her journey to find out more of both her past and what the future holds. She is also very determined to beat all odds of fate and what others have planned for her. In the end she gives in slightly, but continues to stick to her morals and do things her way. Cassie continues to be the most amazing best friend that you would wish to have. While you'll root for Alex's romance with a certain boy (not going to give it away, but if you read this first book you'll have a good idea); I also had the secret hopes of another (my heart broke for him, while wanting to scream at him all in one breath). I am still torn (but that is what the semi-love triangle does) between which couple should truly be together due to the loves bring out different sides of Alex; both great. They also both love her, but in different ways making it that much harder to really choose (IMHO). The triangle is not truly explored, so it's not obnoxious and maybe it's because of the first book that you really know, but it's there. 

While not only rooting for Alex, you're rooting for them all to win and prevail against all odds. They do. Mostly. It's not overly dramatic, and although it is a fantasy novel, it also oozes reality in slivers. You can (or I could and I doubt I'd be the only one!) notice little bits of "that could be written about me." moments throughout the book. I think that makes this book a gem and a great read in and of itself. Besides that, we get to delve more into all the characters, and get introduced to some great new ones. 

Love. Drama. Supernatural. Perseverance. 

*Another quick read and if you have not read the first one, getting both will make sure you are not itching for number 2 already. I cannot say the same for book 3 (haha). I'll just have to wait patiently. 

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