In The Drawing (Review)

So I have been MIA for a while now, no excuses. The only thing I’d say is that life took over that did not allow me to write as I once loved to do. While I don’t see me as 100% back, I did however finish a book that I wanted to write about. 

When I heard that Simone Snaith was writing and putting another book out, as soon as I could snatch it; I did. Purchased it right then and there and promised a review. I read it, it took me a bit longer to get through than her others, and then even longer to get my butt in a chair to write this up. 

While it was way different than her other pieces of work that she has done (write up here and here), it was by no means not a fantastic piece of work. I loved seeing Simone’s heart and soul being poured into this one, with the same amount of eloquence her other books possess. This one, while still fantasy oriented and a bit of romance thrown in, it struck a different chord; it made you truly think and feel.

The story is about a young, introverted girl named Genevieve, whom never felt quite right in her own skin. Her best friend, Claudia, and adoptive parents try to help her the best way they can (and a few others). What I love about this story is that sometimes others do not help, which rings true in most cases. While those people help, and the hunky, and lovable cop Elliot does not hurt her; it inevitably comes down to her. There is something incredibly inspiring about becoming who you are meant to be without being pushed, pulled and prodded to be something you are not. She is accepted for her nature, and not thrown to be happy always; she is who she is. Of course there are some mystical elements to her that truly help her realize everything about her, but the Easter Eggs along the way truly make this book worth reading. The Doctor Who mention, albeit brief, was awesome too. 

My Character Take: 

This is not all the characters by any means, but I thought a few would be cool to put up. What do you think?

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