OUAT (Once Upon a Time)

(photo found via google search: not up to date)

Grimm mixed with Disney? Yes please. This show has become my greatest obsession since it aired (along with a few other lovely shows). There are so many reasons I am drawn to this show (the costumes; both fantasy land and “real world”, the wit, the drama, the fantasy…), but to me it is a really inspiring show on so many levels. I also truly love how it's not just a Grimm/Disney hybrid; it is it's own show that uses it's own spin on the stories we have known via either outlet (or both).

It makes you have characters you love, ones you hate and then by a switch you are loving the ones you hated. That is good writing!!

The quotes! How many great quotes are there? A TON.

I do not know about you, but once OUAT comes back my writing seems to sky rocket. I love love when inspiration bamboozles you and kicks your butt into high gear even if the content is not the same as your own.

So thank you OUAT for continuing to bring out the little girl in me, the writer in me, and to have an hour to lose myself in the fantasy of your world.

I cannot wait to see what next season holds!! Ah summer breaks seem so long. Maybe it'll be re-watch via Netflix. And than more writing for me.

Who's your favorite characters?

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